New micro brewery

We’ve nearly finished the pipework and electrical work at Marts brew house and Tap in Broad Street, Hanley .

Electric heating system

We installed a new McDonald Engineers Electra-flow boiler in Wrexham, there was very  little room to install a new oil boiler and tank, so an electric system was chosen. The system has connections for solid fuel, which is connected to the existing Age stove to augment the heating system.

Firebird Enviromax Oil-Combi Boiler

A Replacement Oil combi-boiler. We took out an old oil fired Worcester Heatslave and replaced it with a new Firebird Enviromax condensing combi-boiler.

It is flued into an existing chimney with a stainless steel flue liner, there is a Magnaclean filter and magnetic water softener installed to protect the boiler from debris and limescale.

We also supplied a new oil line, isolator, filter and fire check valve.

Self employed

Next time you call a self employed tradesman for a quote, and he gives you one, and you think…
Jesus. That’s expensive. Remember this.
He (or she) has given up probably a couple of hours of time, and used fuel to get to your house to give you a free quote . He’s trained for a few years to learn skills and honed those skills ever since. Gained experience he will be able to use to give you free advice.
Spent probably thousands of pounds of his money on tools to do his job. Paid for insurance so that if anything goes wrong your property is protected
He doesn’t get holiday pay.
He doesn’t get sick pay, he doesn’t get bonuses or a company pension.
He knows if you picked his card up from a building merchants, you picked three or four others up too, so he knows he has to be competitive.
He works hard to pay his bills and put food on his table.
He’s not trying to rip you off.
He’s trying to make a living.
Not a fortune.