Self employed

Next time you call a self employed tradesman for a quote, and he gives you one, and you think…
Jesus. That’s expensive. Remember this.
He (or she) has given up probably a couple of hours of time, and used fuel to get to your house to give you a free quote . He’s trained for a few years to learn skills and honed those skills ever since. Gained experience he will be able to use to give you free advice.
Spent probably thousands of pounds of his money on tools to do his job. Paid for insurance so that if anything goes wrong your property is protected
He doesn’t get holiday pay.
He doesn’t get sick pay, he doesn’t get bonuses or a company pension.
He knows if you picked his card up from a building merchants, you picked three or four others up too, so he knows he has to be competitive.
He works hard to pay his bills and put food on his table.
He’s not trying to rip you off.
He’s trying to make a living.
Not a fortune.


Testimonial email from a customer:

When people are dissatisfied with the goods or services they receive, they are all too often very quick to make a complaint. When they receive excellent service, unfortunately they cannot find the time to say “Thank you”.

All too often tradespeople turn out to be unreliable, provide sub-standard work and charge inflated prices.

I am delighted to say that your company does not fall into any of the above categories.

Thank you for a job very well done. You came when you said you would, you went the extra mile to negotiate with manufacturers to secure discounts on the parts for us. You let us know the problems that had been encountered. You worked in a tidy fashion and even though we had a very cold spell and needed parts from the manufacturer, you undertook a workaround so that our home would stay warm.

Your prices are very fair and I would not hesitate in recommending your services to others.

Thank you very much Richard for a job well done.

You deserve to do really well in your business.

I am happy if you wish to use my testimonal on your website and to confirm to any potential customer that everything I have written is completely honest.

Kindest regards,

Mike and Carol Fish